Hideyuki Katsumata – NFT Art

Hideyuki Katsumata – NFT Art

1)  Hideyuki Katsumata – Angry Explosion [2021]

Hideyuki Katsumata – NFT Art

2) Hideyuki Katsumata – Wounded and Cornered [2019]


こちらのNFT Art作品は、BAE (Blockchain Art Exchange) の A Touch of Art Galleryにて購入可能
1) Angry Explosion [2021] : 我慢の限界、反撃だ – click here
2) Wounded and Cornered [2019] : 手負いの虎。傷を負い、追い詰められながらも男の顔は・・- click here


東京都出身、ひょうきん。広義で日本的なArtist。Intelligenceの対局に立ち、自身のおどけたcharacter HANAUTAH(はなうた)を相棒とした人間味ある俗世や、独自の世界観を漫画的奇天烈絵画に落とし込み、更には現代春画家として男女の誇張された性器や性交を描いたりする。

Hideyuki Katsumata, born in Tokyo, is considered as a traditional Japanese style artist. He creates the peculiar Ukiyoe/Manga world, vibrant and brave. He had installations in Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Hong-Kong, Japan, Scotland, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S., etc., therefore his character and friend “Hanautah” is painted on the walls, of these countries. He also has enthusiastic collectors for his “Shunga” art. He is funny and relaxed.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanautah