Jun Watanabe @ Niigata Skatepark

Jun Watanabe @ Niigata Skatepark

Niigata Skateparkミューラルアート導入。スケートボードは失敗すら称賛されるスポーツです。段階的に技を身に付け、様々な技の組み合わせを習得しながら上達していく為、難度の高い技や組み合わせがすぐに出来るようになる訳ではありません。他のスポーツに比べ大きな怪我をする可能性も高いでしょう。怪我への恐怖に打ち勝ち、何度も果敢にトライする必要があります。そして、その失敗を繰り返しながらトライしている姿に人々は称賛を送るのです。

Skateboard is a sport that deserves plaudits even when it’s failure. Due to skaters gradually acquire skills and improve while acquiring various combination of techniques, it is nearly impossible for high-level techniques and combinations to be readily mastered. Compared to other sports, there is a high possibility of major injuries. Skaters must overcome the fear of injury and boldly try it over and over. People commend the skaters who continues to challenge boldly even while repeating failures. This mural art piece at skateboarding practice facility is titled “Dragon of Failure and Success” and each red and blue undulated lines representing the dragon of failure and success. Dragons in this piece are expressing there are many failures behind the every success and appreciating these failures lead to success, in other words, “success and failure are two sides of the same coin”.
Special appreciation extend to boosters who have supported in making the piece.

  • クライアント: STYLE DRIVE Co., Ltd.
  • 協賛協力: SOLU MEDIAGE inc. | のみすけ 古町店 | 株式会社トプカピ | 松屋哲雄 | Just Pocket | すずろねこ | 株式会社 刷屋 | モノ刷製作所 | Crêperie Le Pont Marie
  • アーティスト: Jun Watanabe
  • 完成日: 2018.10.03 – 壁面消失: 2019.03.31
  • サイズ: 8m x 2.5m (315in x 98in)

Photo: shozzy

ARTIST:Jun Watanabe CLIENT:STYLE DRIVE Co., Ltd. LOCATION:Niigata Skatepark