澁谷忠臣 @ 新潟市旧三越

澁谷忠臣 @ 新潟市旧三越

Past, Present and Future. 旧三越の地には昔、新潟奉行所がありました。その初代新潟奉行として就任したのが川村修就です。川村修就は、新潟のために消防制度の確立、砂防林の造成、風紀の粛正などにつとめました。また、日本海近海に出没し始めた異国船に対する防衛拠点を新潟に構築するなど多大な功績を残しました。

The Niigata Magistrate’s Office used to be located on the site of the former Mitsukoshi. The first Magistrate of Niigata was Nagataka Kawamura. He was responsible for establishing a fire-fighting system, building erosion-control forests and regulating public morals for the benefit of Niigata prefecture. He was also instrumental in establishing a defense base in Niigata against the foreign ships that started to emerge during this period in the region of the Sea of Japan.
This mural was inspired by the historic motif of the armor said to have been created for Kawamura at a cost of 300 Ryō (Ryō was a gold currency unit used in pre-Meiji period. This has since been replaced with a currency unit “Yen”). The colour scheme of this work reflects the colours of Kawamura’s amour, which was said to be blue and black.
With Niigata known for anime and manga, the artist has drawn Kawamura as a futuristic super robot to represent his power as a warrior in his historical context.
To think about the future is to know the past. It is hoped that this work will help children to reaffirm the beauty of Niigata and encourage them to build a bright future for themselves.

  • クライアント: STYLE DRIVE Co., Ltd.
  • アーティスト: 澁谷忠臣 | Tadaomi Shibuya
  • 完成日: 2021.12.02
  • サイズ: 5m x 2.3m (197in x 91in)

Photo: shozzy

ARTIST:澁谷忠臣 | Tadaomi Shibuya CLIENT:STYLE DRIVE Co., Ltd. LOCATION:新潟市旧三越